Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I think this is the first band poster I've done.
Lauren wanted it to be a mind fuck essentially; a 'bad trip', and everything to be completely filled. Whew.
Bird god and cherub godlings are afoot.

And of course blogger rapes the shit out of the color and resolution. A lot of the crispness is lost. Sigh.

And word from Lance, he definitely received my pin-up and it will be published in the Seduction of the Innocent book sometime in April. It's currently going through the editorial process-- how exciting, amirite? There is supposed to be a lil blurb about me (and all of the other respective artists) towards the end I think. Heh. I'm such a no name.


  1. I just load everything to flickr and use html to drop in my images.

    alas, this is good piece.

  2. Yeah, I really need to get a flickr.