Sunday, January 24, 2010

Posters all the time

Yeah, a text update to just tell you all what's to come because I'm pretty excited.
So, school's begun and it's already relentless. School assignments both being posters; one's a band poster (I'm doing Neutral Milk Hotel even though they don't exist anymore), and a poster for the free library fest (which my new teacher Tim Gough did the real poster for).

But what I'm super excited about: My friend Lauren Monaco over at NYU contacted me to do another band poster-- this time for MAN MAN, one of my favorite bands, on March 4th. Fucking killer. Hopefully this'll be much better than the Atlas Sound one, especially since I'm actively being taught about poster art making.

So I'll probably be updating with the Neutral Milk Hotel thumbnails soon cause I really like them.

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