Thursday, December 24, 2009

Excuse the poor quality as I am using the house scanner and not the school one.

The type is really unstellar; I totally rushed the shit out of that shit, but even though I did the ilustrations quickly, I'm pretty pleased with them. This is really the direction I want my illustration/art to go in, I think. It's what I used to do in my sketchbook when I actually had time to draw in my sketchbook for fun. (Ah man, I need to buy a new one. So much for putting that on the Chrostmos lost.) I have to be cleaner with it though. I don't know. I'm really kind of wrestling with myself as far as what I want out of my art.

Anyhow, great news from a few days ago! For those of you in tune with the underground music scene (did you catch that pun there?), there's a site called Tiny Mix Tapes out there and they recently did an article about the the top 25 album covers of this year. If you take a look, you'll see something that looks very familiar to what I posted on this blog! That's right, the cover I did for Perkasie back in November 2008 was #8 on the list of the top 25.
I guess the CD was actually put out early this year...

How excitinggggggfdh.

Time to go and wrap some gifts and clean the bathroom for the 31 people who are piling into our house in the next 14 hours.

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