Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things to Come

Typeless Wolves in the Throneroom

Fuuuuck I wish it came out cooler, but I had a deadline and a bunch of other shit to do for like, actual school.

So, here's what to expect for the future:

1. Mark Tocchet Assignment: Brave New World book cover
2. Tim O'Brien Assignment: "Rolling Stone Album Review" for St. Vincent, that beautiful woman
3. The Earth Day poster for NYU, which I am forcing myself to make as awesome as possible because Andrew W.K. is the fucking M.C. and they are going to have some really big name bands play. HELL YEAH I'M GETTING BACKSTAGE MAYBE HOPEFULLY RUNNING COFFEES/BEERS. Or just hanging.
4. Toy Soldiers are rereleasing their album NATIONALLY, and I'm doing the cover again. This time I'm going to have more reign over the art direction (yessss).
6. 1 month away (hopefully) until Seduction of the Innocent is published with my pin-up in it from so so long ago.
7. I might find myself in a band or something soon as a second vocalist? And aquaintance of mine who actually has some really nice songs; he the tree.

Yippee skippy. I haven't slept for 2 days and my lips have got no more color. Time to go shower, pet the dog, eat, and pass out just to stay up for another 2 days straight.

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