Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here it is, my first assignment done for Tim O'Brien.

I painted this all in one sitting... The painting took about 9 hours and the process of drawing the thumbnail, drawing a 'good' copy, projecting that to scale and then fixing the drawing even more took around 6 hours or so (I think)? So 15 hours. Not too bad. There are some aspects of this that if given more time I would change, but I needed to get it done today because well... I have other things to do.

The assignment was to draw a close-up of a body part, so I decided to do a crab claw. I really wanted to draw victorian assholes, so I put it into the painting while doing a scene that incorporates what I felt like really drawing (which are victorian patterns and etc).

And! Whoever is reading this and you've stolen my watercolor brushes last semester (I just found out that they were stolen), be sure to know that I do voodoo and am placing a curse about your house. Half of those brushes were from my deceased grandfather.

If you didn't steal them however, I bless you.

All right, off to pet my dog.

P.S. It looks way darker and more colorful on the UArts computer and in person. Blogger totally raped this. Shit.

EDIT: I have made alterations and will post up the revised version.


  1. Love this. Especially the glass of wine that is just about to become a part of the tub, but is not quite there yet.

  2. Thank you! I just put up a revised version of it (as you can see)-- It has much more depth now. Luckily Tim liked it too.

    By the way, have we ever met good sir?

  3. No, I do not believe that we have. I happened on your blog by using the next blog option. Found it sort of funny at firtst. Your blog has the same layout as mine and for a second I thought that I was still on my own page, until I saw the images - that's when it hit me... other human beings may possibly have chosen the same layout from the selection brought to you by google.

  4. Well, you've gone and picked a good choice. The classic black is classy.