Friday, August 14, 2009

Album cover

I've toiled on this thing long enough. It's been 23 hours of waking life in this day and it's getting to the point where my vision is becoming bizarre.

I can't say that I'm wholly satisfied with it as my own art piece. But I suppose that's how it is when you are illustrating someone else's vision...
I don't detest it however, there are aspects in it that I enjoy. Like the pigs and elephants being farmer friends, and toad with tuba.

I'm not particularly fond of collage, which is probably why I'm not satisfied. I haven't dabbled in it much and I don't see myself doing much of it in the future. As long as the band likes it, I suppose.
Ah, well.
To each her own.

In the Last Drop I was talking to Ron about Vermont and Canada as we were going over album cover stuff, and after he left this Canadian man started talking to me and gave me a book that he wrote about Canadian politics. Unmuzzled Ox, rePOLITICS by Eugene McCarty et al. Very bizarre, but it'll make for a read while waiting for the subway back home seeing as how my bike's tire is still flat.

I'm going to buy watercolor paper now I can finally get my mind to work on something besides this! So watch this space, as always.


  1. I'm very pleased that Vivi made the cut!
    and I love that Tuba Toad colored.
    Alas, I can see why you were frustrated... this project doesn't particularly scream you, but it came out great! Steinbob would be pleased with the cover font.

  2. Very different. When I work with a band I tell them, this is how I work. I will use your ideas but I work best if I come up with my own and take in your imput. I work like this, and I don't work any other way. If you want someone who does photo real oil painting I can give you a list of people who can do it but I wont. Its not what I do. When you settle into a way you like to create images you will have more creative control or you put them out in the cold till they come back to you. Also when you staple your style to a certain area, you will also be able to focus that too to what bands you market too.

    Overall fun piece. Keep playing around and you'll find yourself in one or mixing various media to make images work for you.